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FAIR FRIDAY in the 70’s

My little brother (10) keeps saying when I’m wearing my flared jeans: ‘Anne, tell me do you truly like this jeans?’ Me: ‘Uhm yes I do’. He (with his cute face): ‘Hmm ok, I don’t really like it.’ Well thank you for your honesty little friend… But even though men in general need some time to get used to it; we love it! And you? Do you love it 😍 or hate it 😵?

Anne’s look: 

Sweater – H&M Conscious
Alternative: By Signe – oversized sweater
Jeans – Kings of Indigo, Jeans Marie Used Light (in sale now!)
Flared, fringes, stripes: they have it all at Kings of Indigo. We love their jeans not only because of the design: also because of their (transparant) way of production. For example, you can exactly see where in the world each jeans is made.👀 This jeans is fairly made in Tunisia, Italy. 
– Atelier de Femmes, Bandeau Lauren
Love some yellow in the spring ☀ & especially in this bandeau. All the bandeaus of Atelier de Femmes are made in the Netherlands.
Shoes – Regular brand

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