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Who are we?

We are Anne (24) and Elrike (26), real Dutchies and the founders of Fair Friday. Our characters are best summarized as Tony’s Chocolonely caramel sea salt: very different but the perfect combination. Furthermore, we have many similarities: both blonde, studying and big chocolate lovers. Also, we can talk so much that we ourselves get tired of it and we’re both traumatized by gym classes in our youth (#coopertest). Besides that we share a passion to strive for equality and a world where people are valued for who they are and what they do. The latter was the reason for this blog: Fair Friday.


What is Fair Friday?

You have probably already heard of the malpractices in the fashion industry. To name a few: child labor, underpayment and bad working conditions. What you might not know is that the fashion industry is one of the most polluting industries in the world. These were the reasons we started a journey in buying more consciously. Unfortunately, it seemed that if you didn’t want the story to be ugly, your clothes certainly would be — unless you were a millionaire. But we were determined. There had to be another way. We were going for what seemed impossible: affordable, fashionable clothing with a fair backstory. And good news, after a long search we found many amazing brands who checked all our boxes.


Now we want to help you in finding affordable, stylish fair fashion. Plus, inspire you to get a new perspective on fashion. That’s why we created Fair Friday: a balance between serious and fun (our favorite day of the week). We’d like to build a bridge between the fanatical idealists and the bon vivants. So if you’re totally into living the sustainable way or if you just heard about fair fashion; we hope you find inspiration at Fair Friday.


Every change starts with a small first step. We started our journey with buying fair chocolate. Do you also want to take a step? We want to help you with that: Your Fair Fashion Aid. Follow us, be inspired and together we make every Friday, Fair Friday!


Who are you?

Do you want to share a new fair hotspot or brand? Or do you want to collaborate with us? For this and any other random questions you can email to info@fairfriday.nl! We would love to hear from you!