MEN’S ONLY: selected favourites for a fully fair men’s outfit

Fair favourites for men only! And for the girlfriends of course. I mean let’s be honest boys, you do need some styling advice from us even now and then. But back to the point: we received many requests for fair clothing brands for men. That’s why we will provide you (or your girlfriend, depending who’s reading) with our favourite brands to wear a fully fair men’s outfit.

Let’s first put on some boxers from A-dam Underwear. Only if you’ve got balls of course. These boxers are fairly made of GOTS-certificied organic cotton. A-dam tries to produce the best quality boxers you can find: so no itchy labels or stitching.

The Donald A-dam Underwear €22,95

Next we need a shirt. Which one do you prefer: text or stripes?

Chris Graphic T-shirt Honest GOAT  €34,95

Serge Stripes Longsleves Armed Angels  €62,90

More of a shirt guy? No problem, it’s all there!
Play handsome with a fabulous shirt from The Good People or from Brava Fabrics.

Morning Rooster Shirt Brava Fabrics  €79,90

Nudie Jeans has awesome fair jeans for you.
On their website you can see exactly where it is produced! This jeans is made in Italy, Tunisia.

Skinny Lin Indigo Legend Nudie Jeans  €129

Now we only need socks and shoes.
And we have selected not just socks, but Sexy Socks! (you can never have to much prints 📷)
They’re made in Cape Town, of the sustainable fabric Bamboo.
For every sold sock they give a pair of socks to children in South Afrika.

Camera Socks SexySocks €9,95

And we’ll finish with… Veja! This sneaker brand is founded by two guys who where confronted with wrongdoing in the clothing industry. They did a social audit in a Chinese Factory for a french fashion brand:
‘We spent three days among the workers: they looked pale and tired, but the factory was clean, and the working conditions seemed pretty good. Everything went well with the audit until we asked to see the living quarters. At first, the direction refused, but after insisting and arguing, they opened the doors. We found ourselves in a 25 square meter room where 32 Chinese workers were sleeping together stacked in a 5-level bunk beds. And in the middel of the room, only a hole that served both as a shower and a toilet. 
On that day, we realized globalization had gone wrong…’
They wanted to make a change and they did! All the sneakers of Veja are fairly made of sustainable materials such as  recycled PET bottles and natural rubber.

V-10 Extra White Nautico Pekin Sneakers Veja €125

Well, that’s it: you’re ready to show that fair outfit to the world!
Stay tuned: we are working on a page on our site with only fair men’s brands…

Tip: Is it a little bit to expensive for you to buy a completely fair outfit? Combine some items with items from the thrift shop (like Episode). Except for your boxers… better just buy them. 


Ok, because you’re really into this… for those summerdays we have some awesome swim shorts from Brava Fabrics.
Do you prefer the tucan or some shrimps?

All Animals Swimwear Brava Fabrics  €59,90

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